Thanks to the mediterranean climate, lake garda offers the visitors a splendid natural scenary full of colours.

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Thanks to the mediterranean climate,
lake garda offers the visitors a splendid natural
scenary full of colours.


Walking leisurely around the small village centres, going on a boat trip, exploring the surroundings in a wide choice of itineraries are the best ways of enjoying the lively atmosphere of the lake and the beauty of the landscape.

Moreover, Garda Lake is ideally for excursions : to the historical cities of Brescia, Verona, Mantova or to a performance at the Arena in Verona during the Opera Season.

If looking for fun and relax there is a good choice of amusement parks and natural gardens, for those who like shopping there are opportunities meeting all needs, from the picturesque street markets to the most elegant boutiques.



is a place of rare and special beauty.

A precious jewel, bursting with history, memories and legends.
A treasure surrounded by the clear waters of the lake.
A picturesque rock that has welcomed ancient people from the romans to the longobards.

The Island opens its trasures for Guided Tours.
The tour lasts approximately 90 minutes guiding visitors through the traces of histoty, mysterious tales and ancient legends.

At the end of the tour light refreshments (with tasting of local products) will be served.

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is the citadel that D'Annunzio monumental


stages from 1921 to 1938,
in Gardone Riviera,
on the shore of lake brescian Garda.

Not only a home but a set of buildings, streets, squares, theaters, gardens, parks, waterways.

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stretches over an area of about 10,000 sm.

From 1910 onwards the naturalist Arthur Hruska.

Started to design the garden which contains hundreds of different species of plants and flowers from every country; one of the most fascinating attractions is the production of the dolomitic environment.

Gardone is a privileged destination for those who like walking through tranquil paths along the sea, among blooming bushes of roses, bougainvillea, oleanders and jasmines, or making exciting excursions along the paths that take you from the sea up to the hills and the mountains surrounded by the wild vegetation of the Parco dell'Alto Garda Bresciano.

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To get to know garda well means to explore its inland countryside,
to contemplate the lake from the mountains, to visit its villages
and towns and to walk immersed in its alpine scenary.


This is why the visitors center of the brescian upper garda park is located in tignale, a town which has in its territory both the mediterranean landscape of the lakeside and, inland, the alpine scenary of its mountains. From Tignale there is a wonderfully extensive view of the Lake and, at the same time, it is a convenient point of departure for excursion into the Western Gardesana Forest, the largest state owned forest in Lombardy.

To visit the park means not only to expose yourself to the variety of the environment in the area around Lake Garda, but also to come into contact with its traditional activities such as fishing, the cultivations of lemons and olives, agriculture in the mountains and the products of local craftsmen. The Visitors Centre of Tignale in the Riviera dei Limoni tells the story of this territory and the history of its people.



The cathedral, and the square in front of it, put each yaer thousands of tourists up.



The denomination of cathedral is not clerically justified but it is
believed that the name derives from the ambition of Salò,
which wanted to declare not only its political
but also its religious supremacy in the magnifica patria,
of which it was the capital from 1337 to 1797.


The design is of Filippo delle Vacche. The style is neo-gothic with some Renassance particulars. The external rough façade has three portals. The high portal was realized from 1506 to 1509 following the example of the model of the Certosa of Pavia.
The two lateral smaller portals have a gothic style of the fifteenth century. Inside the church is divided into three cross aisles.

It contains many important paintings, such as the “Martirio di santa Giustina” of the Bertanza, works of the Celesti and of the Turrini and frescos. There is also an old organ made by Giacomo Antegnati with carving of B. Otello da Salò. Free entrance. INFO 0365 521700

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Identity, history, culture



The museum MuSa, inaugurated in June 2015,
gathers, interprets, conveys the identity of the city,
its treasures, its contribution to national history.


The museum is aimed at the community, and at those who visit Salò and Lake Garda, through the collections,
the exhibitions and even more through the initiatives that make it a living place of culture.

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